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Komplett kit CAT 345D

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Complete assembly kit consisting of:

Upper and lower vehicle sections, chain drive with toothed belts and 2 electric gear motors, lower section in classic H-shape, driver’s cab and superstructures, boom-, stick- and bucket cylinders, hydraulic pump with filter and 203 psi (14 bar) operating pressure, three way control valve block, hydraulic hoses, T-pieces, lock bushings, hydraulic oil, electronics with light and sound system, loudspeaker, battery pack 12V 4.5Ah and speed controller. The model distinguishes itself with its very high wrenching and breaking-away force capabilities. A 7-channel remote control unit is required to enable excellent handling.

As was the case with the models CAT 966G II and CAT 740, this model is also manufactures out of die-cast aluminium, aluminium sheet and high-quality plastic materials. All metal parts, including the hydraulic cylinder, are powder coated in the colours yellow/black, just like the original – a feature that is quite uncommon other assembly kits available on the market. A decorative sheet is included in the scope of deliverables.

Technical data

Length: app. 800 mm (31.50”) Track (tread): app.240mm (9.45”)
Heigth: app. 220 mm (8.66”)
Weight: app.14.0 kg (30.9 lb)

- Finish: Epoxy powder coating
- Chain: Made from zinc die-cast, black anodize
- Chain and sprocket wheel drive, toothed belts and 2 electric gear motors
- Electronic system 12 Volts, battery pack, speed controller, loud speaker, engine sound, horn and LED lights
- Drive system: forward/backwards, right/left, turning on the place right/left
- Upper vehicle section: endlessly turning right and left
- 3 way control valve block
- Hydraulic cylinders for boom, stick and bucket
Vendor No.: 3120W