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Complett kit Wheel Loader Cat 966G II

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Complete Kit consisting of:

Chassis, front and rear vehicle unit, superstructures, differentials, steering and lifting cylinders.
Proportional control of the steering cylinders; hydraulic pump with filters, operated by a working
pressure of 174 psi. Three control valves, hose, T-pieces, lock bushings, hydraulic oil, electrical system, electric motor, battery pack 12V, 3-speed all-wheel gearbox, speed controller including
a sound module and loudspeaker. The axles are equipped with lockable, internal planetary gears
at reduction ratio of 15:1.

As common on all WEDICO models, this wheel loader model, too, has been manufactured from aluminium die-cast, aluminium metal sheets and high quality plastic components. Like the original wheel loader, all metal parts – including the hydraulic cylinders – will be supplied in yellow / black powder coat painting and a detailed assembly instruction. A special Caterpillar decoration sheet will make part of the kit package, too.

Technical data

Length: app. (612mm) 24.09", Width: app. (211mm) 8.31", Height: app. (250mm)9.84"
Track( tread): app. (158mm) 6.22"
Weight: app. 17.0 lb (7,7kg)

- Finish: Epoxy powder coating
- Soft rubber tyres “Goodyear” with reproduction of original tread pattern
- Front and rear driving axle are made from metal, including partially lockable differentials.
- Reduction ratio 15:1
- 3-speed gearbox from metal, reduction ratio 12:1 / 6:1 / 3:1
- Pendulous rear axle
- Rigid front axle fixed to the front carriage
- Electronic system 12 Volts, battery pack, WEDICO-BUehlermotor, speed controller, engine sound, loud speaker, horn, head- and rear lights, brake lights
- Hydraulic pump with motor, tank and filter, 174 psi (12 bar)
- Control valve block
- Hydraulics-Cylinder:
- for lifting and lowering of the boom
- for dumping and lifting of the bucket
- for steering to the right and left-hand side

Vendor No.: 3103W