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1:14 Gabelstapler Linde H40D Bausatz, Metall mit Hydraulik thicon-models

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Compact metal forklift with hydraulic mast, light and sound module! Our forklift is powder coated in red as standard and licensed by LINDE! Each model gets a certificate with a serial number. The whole model is made of metal and manufactured extremely precisely. The mast is tilted and extended via a hydraulic system. Driving is done electrically via a built-in differential in the front end. Steering is via a mini servo in the rear. All shafts and wheels are of course ball bearings. The hydraulic system is set to about 10 bar, which is sufficient for a lifting capacity of about 1000g.

Delivery: Forklift Linde-red powder-coated kit, drive with motor and controller, steering servo, brushless hydraulic pusher with regulator, dual control valve with servos, attachments, lighting system, sound module, 46-page assembly instructions.

Needed for operation: Hydraulic oil, 7.4V-11.1V battery, remote control with at least 7 channels.

Dimensions: Length: 325mm, width: 108mm, height: 201mm, fork height max: 220mm, mast height max: 306mm, wheelbase: 145mm. Tilt angle: + 10 ° / -6.5 °, steering left: 301mm, right steering: 247mm Weight: ca. 2650g