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FMS 1400mm B25 fly i gørn PNP (uden radio og batteri)

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Material: Durable EPO
- Wing Span: 1,470mm ( 57.87in )
- Length: 1,130mm ( 44.48in )
- Flying Weight: Around 1,930g
- Servo: 9g Servo x 8
- Landing Gear : Electric Servo less Retract Landing Gear
- Motor: KV1000 Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor x 2
- ESC: 40A Brushless ESC x 2
- Propeller: 9X6.5 3 Blade Propeller With Spinner x 2
- Battery: Li-Po 11.1V 3300mAh 25C
- Radio: 6 Ch Radio Control
- CG Position: 55-60mm (From Leading Edge)
- Wing Area: 28d?
- Wing Load: 69g/d?

The North American B-25 Mitchell was an American twin-engined medium bomber manufactured by North American Aviation. It was used by many Allied air forces, in every theater of World War II, as well as many other air forces after the war ended, and saw service across four decades.

The B-25 was named in honor of General Billy Mitchell, a pioneer of U.S. military aviation. The B-25 is the only American military aircraft named after a specific person. By the end of its production, nearly 10,000 B-25s in numerous models had been built. These included a few limited variations, such as the United States Navy''s and Marine Corps'' PBJ-1 patrol bomber and the United States Army Air Forces'' F-10 photo reconnaissance aircraft.